2 Mackenzie Road, Applecross WA 6153

Groups & Activities

Fellowship Group

After many years of naming and renaming this group that was previously called bible study group, against the ever-changing day of the week in the year when we would meet, we have decided that it should be finally known as the Fellowship Group. It is perhaps aptly renamed as this group not only meet for bible studies but for various reasons for fellowship.

The group has experienced tremendous insight as we explored the Word of God through various lens and contexts. Four sessions have been held with the themes based on biblical texts accompanied with discussion questions that essentially lead the group through the process of talking about how the Bible applies to their lives. The themes covered within these series included ‘Being Christ Centred’, ‘God the Gardener’, ‘Faith and Healthy Boundaries’ and the latest Lent study by Bill Loader. Through the riveting discussions stimulated by each individual from his/her life experience and understanding, the group has learned to cross boundaries, cultures, mindsets and differences to connect in a most meaningful way with each other. At the end of each series, the group would meet to lunch or dine in fellowship.

Everyone is welcome to join the Fellowship Group. For enquiries, please contact Eeha Foong, eeha.foong@gmail.com

Hall Café

Hall Café’ is a wonderful gathering of senior ladies who come together in the hall every Tuesday, 10:00am – 12:00pm. Hall Café provides a programme of varied activities including card making, physical games, crafts quizzes, brain gyms, board games, whiteboard activities and bingo; and of course, a lovely morning tea is provided.

During the year, we were fortunate enough to be entertained by an outside group of 8 ladies who did line dancing. Hall Café ladies were invited to have a go as well. We had a good laugh and much fun. Some of the ladies work on their crafts on Tuesday mornings, such as knitting, crochet, floral arrangements, etc.

We celebrate the Anniversary of Hall Cafe’s each year with a Birthday Party celebration with games, good party food and a lovely Birthday cake. We also celebrate individual birthdays of the attendees.
Each year we have a Christmas wind-up luncheon. We started with carol singing in the church, then proceeded into a beautifully decorated hall where lunch is served. For our last Christmas lunch, we enjoyed a hot roast meal followed by plum pudding and custard for sweets. Everyone received a Christmas gift before heading home.

We especially take pride in being able to contribute to the community. We have contributed money and other items to the Fremantle Street Doctor, the Royal Flying Doctor Services and Macular Degeneration Foundation.

If you are interested in attending Hall Café, please contact Jackie Honey on 0447 302 386 or Sue Hoskins on 0438 030 750.

Prayer Group

Interested in prayer? We have a place for you.
A small group meets for prayer on the second Saturday of each month. We have developed a caring relationship which has rewarded each member.

We start at 9.00am and conclude at 10.00am, at the home of Jill Monks.

For further information, contact Jill Monks at 9364 3232.